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Mileage Based Insurance

It’s simple to top up if you need more miles later.

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Did You Know?

The average distance travelled by drivers aged 25 and over is 4,549 miles!

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Save Up to 65%

Once insured, your safe driving is rewarded with cheaper mileage top ups and lower renewal costs.

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Low Miles Car Insurance

If you don’t drive much, you could save up to 65% on your policy.

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How It Works

It’s basic maths: the less you drive, the less likely you are to be involved in a collision. So good news for you, if you drive less, we can offer a cheaper premium!

We suggest calculating how many miles you will need, as we do monitor your mileage from beginning to end. But not to worry if you do need more miles, it’s easy to top up online. The safer your driving is, the cheaper your top up miles will be.

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Monitoring your Miles

Low miles driver? Prove it!
You monitor your miles online, by logging into your dashboard. You’ll see how many you’ve done, and how many we think you’ll do by the end of the year. If you need to top up, you can.

We monitor your miles by fitting a telematics smart box into your dashboard within 10 days of your policy starting.

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Don’t Speed

If you drive safely, within the speed limit, extra miles will be cheaper to buy and your policy will be cheaper when you renew.

It goes without saying, but speeding’s not allowed. Excessive and constant speeding will result in the cancellation of your policy. Drive at double the speed limit, and your policy will be immediately cancelled.

Did you know: The average distance travelled by drivers aged 25 and over is 4,549 miles

The less you drive, the more you save. Save up to 65%

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